Harding on the move? June 08, 2009

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The Flyers have reportedly signed goalie Ray Emery to a one-year deal worth $1.5 million. He makes an excellent third goalie for most fantasy teams, but if you count on him as your No.1 or No.2, you are taking a huge risk. Given the Flyers' salary situation, it is entirely possible that they sign an inexperienced backup, meaning Emery could get 65-plus starts on a team that will win a lot of games. To me, that makes him the best option out there to have as your No.3, or a risky No.2.


The Thrashers have signed Marty Reasoner to a two-year deal. Don't expect even 40 points from him, though.


No signings over the weekend, no surgeries – successful or otherwise – to report as of this morning. Spector discusses some Boston trade rumors as far as putting some high salaries on the block, as well as Josh Harding possibly moving.


In the last 19 Cup Finals (now you use an "s" because you are talking about multiple sets of games) that were tied 2-2, the team that won Game 5 won the Cup 14 times.


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An ode to one of my favorite players of these playoffs – Darren Helm. Just a goal I found on youtube, nothing special. Wanted to give him some recognition for his hard work and tenacity…