Mr. and Mrs. Malkin bad luck, June 15, 2009

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There will be no morning ramblings on the morning of Tuesday, June 16, but I will be back around in the afternoon to post thoughts on any current hockey events.


Arizona bankruptcy court has rejected Jim Balsillie's play at buying and moving a team, citing time constraints as the main reason it wasn't feasible. If Balsillie bought the team and gave a year's notice in moving it, then perhaps the decision would be different. 


The Wild have hired San Jose assistant coach Todd Richards to be their new head coach. What does this mean and what can we expect fantasy-wise? Man, I really have no idea. I'm stumped. The Sharks had a "take lots of shots" approach, which helped the offense… so that's promising, at least.


A source has indicated to me that Simeon Varlamov has been offered a truckload of money from Mytishchi Atlant of the KHL (Ray Emery's former team) to return to Russia and play for them. This would increase the value of Michal Neuvirth and would give owners pause when considering Varlamov… although my opinion is that Varlamov would turn it down.


I also hear rumblings of a Dan Ellis trade to Colorado in the works. Since Chris Mason was dealt last summer to avoid any goalie controversies… it is not a stretch to see Ellis go this year.


The Hurricanes have signed coach Paul Maurice for three more years. This is great news for Staal owners, as he had his best year under Maurice and finished the second half last year strong under him. If Staal is going to get back to 100 points, this would be the year.


If you have the first version of the Prospects Report, and you download the update but find it is the same one, try deleting your cookies in "Internet Options", closing your browser and then logging in again. Or, simply try a new browser. The update IS up and most people have it just fine.


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Sergei Gonchar played the latter portion of the playoffs with a torn MCL in his right knee. That's an injury that keeps players sidelined for months.


Funny fact – Evgeni Malkin's mom and dad were at Games 1 and 2, which the Pens lost. They didn't go to any more contests and the Pens went 4-1.


Radulov update: still nothing and the "drop dead" date for a decision is July 1. Given how long he has waited, the odds of him returning are slipping. At one time, I would have felt 80-20 certain that he would be back this year. Now it's more like 40-60.


Alexei Yashin has signed with HC SKA of the KHL for two seasons – just in case you were holding hope that he co