Ottawa Signs Alexei Kovalev

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The Ottawa Senators have signed Alexei Kovalev to a two-year deal worth $10 million.





Fantasy Impact: Although Bryan Murray had another conversation with the Oilers on Monday, he seems adamant that if necessary the team can fit both Dany Heatley and Kovalev under the salary cap. According to, the Sens are about $1.9 million over the $56.8 million salary cap now. Heatley will go. Murray is just posturing.


With Kovalev essentially replacing Heatley on the wing, any winger that the team gets in return for Heatley will give them scoring depth.

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Playing with Jason Spezza, as Kovalev is likely to do, could be the spark that gets the 36-year-old back over the 85-point hump. His value in fantasy leagues shoots way up – Spezza is…quite an improvement over Tomas Plekanec.


Spezza’s numbers can’t slip. He already hit bottom and I think he’ll bounce back regardless of Heatley or Kovalev.