Dale Tallon Fired – Another Bowman Will Get the Glory July 14, 2009

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Carolina has signed Tom Kostopolous to a three-year deal worth about $900K per. Yep, that’s the daily news we can look forward to for the next while…


The Bruins added some more depth in signing UFA forwards Trent Whitfield and Drew Larman.


The Isles have signed goalie Mikko Koskinen to an entry-level deal. Unless DiPietro starts the year off hurt again, we won’t see Koskinen this year. But he was an overager (20, but turns 21 in a few days) when drafted this past summer.


Penguins draft pick Chad Johnson, acquired in a trade by the Rangers for a middle rounder, has signed with the Blue shirts. The 23-year-old goalie sits about fourth on the depth chart and will have to take a big step this year to get onto our fantasy radar.


Joakim Lindstrom has signed to play in the KHL next season. A smart move, as he had run out of NHL chances and was never really given a fair one, other than early on Phoenix (which he did take advantage of IMO).


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The Blues have signed Steve Wagner to a contract. He could sneak onto the team as the No.7 guy, but barring an injury I wouldn’t count on it.


The Caps re-signed Boyd Gordon.


Dale Tallon was indeed fired and Stan Bowman has become GM. Now, I have to be careful with what I say here because the last time I hinted even slightly that the legend Scott Bowman had some luck, you guys crucified me. But c’mon – for one reason or another, be it Scottie’s wise decision-making skills or just dumb luck, he coaches the best team of the 70’s (MTL), 90’s (PIT and later DET) and is considered the best coach in history. If he coached the Leafs in the 80s, would he be the best coach in history? Something to think about, I’m not trying to sully him in any way – just want to make you think. Now Tallon builds this monster team and just when they are about to reach the Final Four six or seven times in a 10-year span…he gets canned. Tallon took over in June of 2005, drafting fairly well, making decent signings and trades…and now Stan Bowman will be the GM that brings the Cup back to Chicago. Not fair, but I guess life is not fair.