Immaculate Perception

Justin Goldman




Being able to perceive a player's true fantasy value is an elusive sense every fantasy manager covets. Who wouldn't want to know exactly what Jonas Gustavsson's save percentage or John Tavares' average shifts per game will be? Alas, as more cognizant managers continue to hone their fantasy skills on DobberHockey, so too does your sense of perception become more of an important x-factor in the season-long battle.


So unless you know how to travel through time or see the future, you're stuck foretelling (…or is it foreseeing) just like the rest of us. It's easy to imagine a world where you never failed at picking the right sleeper or uncovering the hidden gem, but it's quite difficult to actually choose them in real life. There are too many unknowns, too many different paths to travel down and too many directions a player can take.

Nevertheless, we are all capable of doing incredible things if we try hard enough. Your level of perception isn't any less than anyone else's. You're smart enough to predict a player's value or output correctly – you just have to know how use certain tools to your advantage. Most importantly, being confident in your plan of action and never wavering from the path you take will effectively improve your decision making.

Now as more people learn about Dobber's website, you become more inclined to keep the site a secret. But let's be honest, you can't waste time trying to hide it. That means more poolies are benefitting from his wisdom and the advice from his writers. And that means the time has come to extrapolate info in an even more efficient manner than ever before. It's time to squeeze every last drop of insight out of this site and leave nothing behind.

Fortunately there's a new tool that is not only capable of increasing your perceptive powers, but can also save you a lot of time and headache. I speak of the Frozen Pool, which was created by Jason Arbuthnot. This one-stop fantasy hockey shop comes complete with eight tools dedicated to breaking down a player's fantasy-related statistics. They include extensive reports on line combinations, line productivity, player roto rankings and everything in between.

For those with a small window of opportunity to execute trades and roster moves on a daily basis, the Frozen Pool is a real godsend. As a man OBSESSED with GOALIES, I can finally start to close the gap between me and my pesky veteran opponents that excel at choosing forwards. Sure, it's a lazy man's move to let Dobber and Jason compile important stats for me, but it would also be ignorant to spend a lot of time trying to do it myself.

So in order to give back to these guys for their hard work on this new too