July 25, 2009

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Hilarious rules of ettiquette for Jason Spezza’s wedding – find them HERE.


Dobber Nation glitch is fixed – try it now


Love  the latest poll Angus threw up there – put me down for Backstrom… (oops, I may have influenced the poll’s results!)


As Banks points out in the comments below, Burke is shopping Pogge. His star is fading fast and I don’t even feel comfortable in saying that a fresh start would turn things around. Thanks to late-blooming Europeans, the goalie market is flooded and even the good goaltending prospects will have a tougher time getting into the NHL.


Regarding Matt Hunwick and Johnny Boychuk, I think that both of them make up risky picks, but I also believe that one of them will get close to 40 points. Is Boychuk a career minor leaguer? We’ll find out this season. The opportunity is there. It could come down to aWideman injury helping Boychuk to explode onto the scene…or with six healthy d-men Boychuk never gets into the lineup and fades into obscurity. Many star NHL careers rest upon the head of a pin just like that. With Hunwick, he was getting scratched at times once Ference came back last season. I don’t trust him. I also didn’t trust Wideman and look what happened with him. Hunwick has proven that he can post a point every two games…but he’s also proven he can get scratched. If you’ve already rolled the dice on a d-man on your fantasy squad, I wouldn’t recommend rolling them again with Hunwick. However, if you have a safe team with lots of sure bets…then he’s worth grabbing and sticking on reserve.


There goes my trade theory. The pressure is off as the Bruins have signed Derek Morris.


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Phoenix re-signed checking forward Daniel Winnik. I think his status within the club is fading and he’ll be spending time in the press box.


The Flyers signed MA Bourdon to a ELC. He is still a few years away and is by no means a lock as a future NHLer, despite the monster numbers.


The Bruins will buy out Eaves if he gets through waivers, which I’m sure he will…


Countdown to the Bible of Fantasy Hockey: SEVEN days…