August 10, 2009

Dobber Sports


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The fantasy guide is updated right up to the minute – Shirokov news added, Kane news added, and the article with my predicted NHL standings is added. Good luck finding another fantasy hockey guide that can tell you Shirokov’s possible impact on the Vancouver lineup this year. When I say “updated”, man I really mean “updated”.


Jared Aulin, a formerly promising prospect, has been given a tryout invite by the Blue Jackets. Look for the 27-year-old to impress enough to help the Crunch. He is not known to have played competitive hockey since 2008.


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Denis Parshin has signed a deal to play with CSKA this season. Today was the deadline to do so or else he faced a one-year KHL suspension. The other player who faced that deadline is Sergei Shirokov. He refused to sign and will almost certainly come to Canada and show his stuff to Canucks’ brass. Shirokov could be an impact player and may be ready for a top six spot. It all depends on what he does with his opportunity. One major sticking point will be the KHL and how much of a stink they raise that the NHL is ‘stealing’ one of their players despite the “gentleman’s agreement” between the two leagues. Stay tuned, as this will drag on into September.