August 12, 2009

Dobber Sports


The Oilers have signed Ladislav Smid to a two-year deal. He is too far down the depth chart to offer fantasy value at this time.


The Oilers also signed Gilbert Brule and Ryan Stone – both to two-way contracts. For Brule, this means he will have to really earn his spot – which will be tough. I don’t think it’s very likely that he will become a top sixer in the NHL.


The Flyers have signed Danny Syvret to a one-year deal. Not sure if it is a one-way or two-way, but likely the latter. I think he’ll get in some NHL games this season, but probably not full time.


It is looking to me as though Patrick Kane will be cleared in court. After hearing his lawyer in an interview on AM640, it is looking as though the blame – rightfully or wrongfully – will be pushed towards the cousin and that the cabbie’s character is also mighty dubious. So I think Kane will wind up being found not guilty. The questions and the hounding from the media will probably continue into November before it slowly fades away. Kane may be distracted in the first couple of months, but then he will be fine. I have him for 77 points in the Fantasy Guide.


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Ottawa’s signing of undrafted prospect Ryan Keller was done with little fanfare, but he probably should have been added to the Guide – at least in the “prospect’s odds of making the Sens” chart. I will remedy that in the next update. The late-bloomer really found his game in Finland and he does have some upside. On most teams, I would give him no hope of making the roster, but on the Sens there is some room and – although slim – he does have a prayer. Maybe 5-10%. He was signed to a two-way contract, so what you will probably see is a solid year in the AHL. If he has a lights-out performance, then he’ll be taken more seriously in 2010.


Chesnokov, a resourceful Puck Daddy writer from Russia, sums up the Zherdev situation with this: Salavat’s coach Bykov: “Zherdev will not play for Salavat. I state this with all responsibility. We are not considering him. His agent is trying to raise the price [on these rumors]. It is a known agents’ trick”. Hmmmm… this sounds eerily like what I rambled last night.