September 1, 2009

Dobber Sports


Information on the DobberHockey 3-Tiered Invitational can be found right here.


The Preds have finally signed Cal O’Reilly. The contract is two-way this  year, and then a one-way agreement in 2010-11. I still hope he makes the team this year, but this puts it in doubt and you may have to wait a year.


Buffalo’s Adam Mair underwent hip surgery and will be out until mid-October. Why should you, as a fantasy fanatic, care? Because newly-signed Mike Grier will take Mair’s spot in the lineup instead of…say… Nathan Gerbe’s. Now the youngster has a chance at a spot again.


The Canucks are reportedly on the verge of signing Roberto Luongo to a 10-year deal worth over $60 million. Corey Schneider will be excellent trade bait come the deadline.


Torrey Mitchell has signed a three-year deal worth $4.1 million with the Sharks. SJ also signed Brad Staubitz.


You can bump up David Krejci’s return by a good month or so. He is back skating already. I’ll be cautious and tweak him up about 5-10 more games in the Fantasy Guide, which I will update in another day or two. Fantasy Guide will be updated more frequently as camp approaches.


Still with Boston, the Globe is reporting that Marco Sturm is healthy and fully recovered from his torn ACL. His return to the lineup, along with Kessel and Krejci in October/November will mean no more ice for Sobotka and very little ice for Wheeler. Something has to give here, and it will.

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Steve Zipay is reporting that Brandon Dubinsky is scrimmaging with his teammates without a contract. Dubie is one of the better dark horses out there – it would all depend on Gaborik’s health. Dubinsky is the odds-on favorite to line up with Gabby and could give you anywhere from 45 to 70 points: 45 if Gabby plays 20 games or fewer; 70 if Gabby plays 70 games or more. Yep, it’s like that.


Uh oh…there’s actually hockey stuff to ramble about today. Could our beloved game be just around the corner? All I know is that every year I twiddle my thumbs for a couple of weeks and then at some point in early September…something hits the fan and I become chained to my computer for a good month. It will hit me before I know it’s coming. Poolies rejoice!!


There will be an announcement about how to join the annual DobberHockey three-tiered rotisserie league later today. Stay tuned.


Benoit Pouliot pleaded guilty for drunk driving. GM Chuck Fletcher has told Pouliot he has a clean slate, according to Russo. Regardless, Pouliot won’t make a fantasy impact this season.