Lang Invited to Camp – September 04, 2009

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The Fantasy Guide, updated through yesterday (try to find the predictions, depth chart and fantasy impact of Tanguay in TB, Pyatt in PHO in any other fantasy guide) can be found here.


Derick Brassard has signed a four-year extension worth just over $3 million per season. Low enough to be safe for the Jackets (considering his fragility), yet high enough to make it worth his while. Solid deal.


The contracts have apparently all been signed. All I’m seeing now are training camp invites. Lang was invited to Montreal’s camp, which is probably the best situation for him and frankly I think he’ll stick. Smaller names with camp invites – Darryl Sydor and Ryan Bayda to St. Louis, Kyle McLaren to the Rangers, Mark Popovic and Dan Fritsche to Atlanta, Mark Bell and Logan Stephenson to Philadelphia.


Philippe Boucher has announced his retirement.


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Kirill Kabanov has arrived in Moncton, pretty much settling the issue. The KHL had a big beef with him leaving Russia – just one of those annual things that the KHL does, whines about several of their players leaving. Anyway, Kabanov is expected to give Taylor Hall a run for his money in next year’s draft. And he is now in North America (one of the great indications I listed in my KHL article in the Fantasy Guide).


It’s that time of year again – not only is it the busiest month for me, but it is also the month where I’m getting 10 to 20 emails asking for advice every HOUR. Many of them start with “I don’t want to post this in the forum because my competitors are watching”. I try to respond to all emails (eventually), but I won’t be responding to these ones (even from friends in my inner circle) because there are just too many. Post it in the forum and take your chances, or send me something via THN’s mailbag (although I get a lot of those too). The forum will be fine, trust me. It’s so busy right now that your question in the forum will be off the first page within a couple hours so the odds of your competition seeing it are relatively low. Thanks for understanding!