Kessel a Leaf Soon? Sept. 06, 2009

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Great read of Toronto’s situation by TSN’s Bob McKenzie. The Leafs traded a 2nd and 3rd rounder in 2011 to reacquire their own 2nd rounder in 2010. On its own, the move is clearly a dumb one. However, as McKenzie points out, the Leafs now own their own picks in the first three rounds, which is a prerequisite for submitting an offer sheet. Given their interest in Phil Kessel over the summer, logic would dictate that he is the one. The other option I can think of Brandon Dubinsky, who has not been anywhere near trade rumors to the Leafs and thus unlikely as a candidate.


As for Burke being against the use of an offer sheet after losing Penner two years ago – apples and oranges. He was absolutely pissed when Kevin Lowe did that to him because he didn’t see it coming. In this case, however, he tried to get Kessel via a trade and I think he will continue to try that route. When that fails, an offer sheet is the way to go and nobody is going to get blindsided.


Kyle Calder has been invited to Anaheim’s training camp on a tryout basis.

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