The Third Goalie

Justin Goldman




With only ten days left before the regular season begins, you should have a solid grasp on which two goalies will act as the foundation for your fantasy teams (or have already drafted them). And even though there's really no such thing as an "easy" pick these days, it's fairly straightforward as to which goalies will be taken through the first ten rounds.


But what are you going to do about the third goalie on your roster? Surely you'll have to pick one, maybe even two more if you expect to stay competitive in those categories, right? Do you feel confident making that pick late in the draft and securing a secret goalie hidden in the deepest of pools, or are you just taking a wild stab in the dark?


For those that are still in the midst of drafting, I suggest you secure a third goalie that has the ability to not only post good numbers, but totally surprise your opponents. Think about it. In a 14-team fantasy league, only 28 goalies are going to be scooped up in your draft. And since very few managers start the season with only two goalies (most leagues have the three-game requirements in place), that means a total of 42-45 goalies at the most will be drafted.


As a result, at least 15-20 backups and third-string goalies will become free agents in your league before the season even begins. That's a pretty deep pool to choose from when it comes to the final two or three rounds of your draft, so allow me to post who I feel are potent and magical third goalies that will give your fantasy team an edge this season.


JEFF DESLAURIERS – Is in the midst of a sensational pre-season and displayed more focus than any other backup I followed this summer. I don't expect most fantasy leagues to see him drafted until very late, if at all. But be aware of the fact that he's going to play at least 20 games and post a very solid save percentage. Compared to other goalies that have played the same number of NHL games, I don't see many posting the type of solid stats he could.


A big reason why I believe Deslauriers could have a huge break out season was through a radio interview done by Dan Tencer. If you click on one link all year long, make it this one. If I had heard this before I sent in my breakout candidates for the Dobber Fantasy Guide, he would have been near the top. If that link doesn't work, go here and scroll down to the interview.


As you can hear, Deslauriers is extremely focused on improving his game and nothing more. He is not caught up in the thi