Hangin’ with the Yahoo Crew

Ryan Ma




Monday night, Dobber passed up the opportunity to participate in the Y! Friends and Family draft, so I had the privilege in taking Dobber's spot in the league. I'll recap the draft along with my overall thoughts about how the draft went round-by-round and hopefully take on some opinions as to what you think I can do to better represent our DobberNation community. WARNING: This is quite a long read, so if you just want to view the team just fast forward to the last page of the column.



12- team Rotisserie

G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SOG, W, GAA, SV% and SO

3 C, 3 LW, 3 RW, 5 D, 2 G, 4 BN and 1 IR slot


Participants  in draft order

Matt Buser (busersports.com)

DobberHockey (yours truly)

Rotowire (Mike McLarney)

Fantasy Hockey Cafe (Tony)

Rotowire (Maingot)

NHL.com (Rocky)

Y! (Pianowski)

McKeen's (KatsHockey)

Rotowire (Eagleson)

Fantasyhockey.com (IG)

Y! (Romig)

Y! (Behrens)


First Round

  1. Alex Ovechkin (Buser)
  2. Evgeni Malkin (Ma)
  3. Sidney Crosby (McLarney)
  4. Ilya Kovalchuk (Tony)
  5. Roberto Luongo (Maingot)
  6. Martin Brodeur (Rocky)
  7. Evgeni Nabokov (Pianowski)
  8. Dany Heatley (McKeen's)
  9. Corey Perry (Eagleson)
  10. Ryan Getzlaf (IG)
  11. Joe Thornton (Romig)
  12. Jeff Carter (Behrens)

My Pick: Malkin, pretty much no brainer here. I initially wanted a later spot on the draft to get set up with goalies, but with the amount of goalies flying off the boards in the first round I wouldn't have landed the combo that I would have wanted anyways, so I'm pretty content with Malkin.

Value Pick: Nothing out of the ordinary here as you would suspect with the first round in an Expert's draft.

Questionable Pick: The only questionable one that I would make is Carter going at 12, he's not a bad option by any means, but just someone I wouldn't have picked if I had the 12th overall pick.


Second Round

  1. Tim Thomas (Behrens)
  2. Nik Backstrom (Romig)
  3. Jarome Iginla (IG)
  4. Miikka Kiprusoff (Eagleson)
  5. M.A. Fleury (McKeen's)
  6. Mike Green (Pianowski)
  7. Alex Semin (Rocky)
  8. Zack Parise (Maingot)
  9. Patrick Kane (Tony)
  10. Rick Nash (McLarney)
  11. Steve Mason (Ma)
  12. Pavel Datsyuk (Buser)

My Pick: Mason, heading into the draft I wanted to establish my goalies early, with six goalies gone before my second pick, it was a no-brainer for me to pick up the best goalie available. With 40 percent of our stats dedicated to two goalie spots, I had to take the statistically best goalie, which was Mason.

Value Pick: Once again nothing much out of the ordinary, Pianowski already had Nabby, so he added another top-tiered player in Mike Green, which was a steal at 18, to his squad. Parise was also a bit of a surprise considering he's ranked fourth overall according to Yahoo rankings, but fell 20th overall.