Saturday’s NHL Picks – with Marty and Thunder

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Terrific start out of the gate last week, much improved over last season's finish.  My 8-5 record is a nose ahead of Thunder's 7-6 record from last Saturday.  The snowy weather seemed to be pivotal in my first week victory, with more snow on the ground this Saturday morning; could I possibly make it two in a row??  Only one way to find out on the best hockey day of the year (which is really any day all 30 teams are in action) as some poolies will cheer and rejoice in their 15th round selection posting a 3 pt. game and we won't hear the end of it until Christmas, while others will drown their tears with a multitude of beers.


Toronto Maple Leafs @ Vancouver Canucks

The Leafs are the only team without a win this season.  They haven't beaten the Canucks in the post lockout era, and have given up the most goals in the league this year (4.6 GAA).  Combine that with their 60.7% PK rate and this spells disaster for the Leafs.  H. Sedin has eight points in four home games this year.


Pick: H

Thunder's Pick: H


San Jose Sharks @ Atlanta Thrashers

First off let's give props to Ilya Kovalchuk for his nine goals in seven games to start this season.  D. Heatley has 16 pts. in 16 career games versus his former team and this seems like a difficult team for Pavelec to bounce back against.  The season is young but special teams can attribute to the Thrashers 4-2-1 start.  They are tied for the top ranked PP in the league at 28.6%, combined with the 2nd best PK at 90.6%.  That PK will be in tough as the Sharks roll into the Florida state with a 34.4% PP on the road.


Pick: V

Thunder's Pick: H


Florida Panthers @ Philadelphia Flyers

The Panthers have had a rough start to the season at 2-5-1 as Clemmensen didn't even make it two minutes into his start against the Sabres earlier in the week.  After Vokoun's solid 41 save performance Friday night against the defending champs, look for him to get back to back starts as his 2.64 and .914 split versus the Flyers all-time looks much better than his 3.68/.904 stats to start the year.  Florida has taken three out of the last four versus the Flyers, but haven't shown enough consistency to come back with another strong game in Pennsylvania.


Pick: H

Thunder's Pick: H