October 30, 2009

Dobber Sports


Lots going on in the world of fantasy hockey, but I’ve really been out of touch this week. By this evening I should be back on track.


Valterri Filpulla is out six to eight weeks with a broken wrist. Remember in the preseason when I said that the Red Wings were a Henrik Zetterberg injury away from missing the playoffs? Man, I heard it from readers on that one – they were merciless on Puck Daddy. I even had someone write to me through The Hockey News link about that one. Well, with Hossa, Hudler and Samuelsson replaced by Leino, Williams and Eaves… and now Franzen and Filppula are out for a long long time… and Osgood losing a few microseconds off of his reflexes… this team is in a lot of trouble and I would not bet $50 on them making the playoffs for fear of losing my money. I’m not condemning them – I wouldn’t bet $50 on them missing the playoffs either – I’m just expressing concern. Alright Red Wings fans – have at ‘er!


Malkin has a strained right shoulder. He has been playing with it (imagine how many points he’d have if he were healthy?), but now as a precaution they want him to not play for two or three weeks. Chris Connor has been recalled, but the real winner here is Jordan Staal. While Staal has often played with Malkin this year, he has seen very little PP time. Now he’ll see a lot. I saw a note in the comments section yesterday about “where were you on this, Dobber?” As I’ve said all week, I’m moving. And Angus is on vacation. But just a reminder – this is not a news site. Go to TSN for that. Come to DobberHockey for an opinion on the news. Usually the opinion will be here right away. Occasionally you may have to wait six or 12 whole hours for it. But I don’t break the news – I just yap about it.


Four more points for Dustin Penner. A five point game and a four point game in the same week – this has to be his Todd Bertuzzi moment. I can’t name you a single player in history who has done that and then ended up with a points-per-game average of under0.7. I’m sure it’s happened, but I can’t name it. So barring injury, he’s a lock for 60 points. By far a career high. So what’s his limit? 70? 80? I’m definitely recommending sell-high on him, but if you are wondering where my (ever-shifting) opinion is on this season and his long-term upside, put me down (for today) for 68 points and 82.


By the way, Horcoff was back on the Penner/Hemsky line and nabbed three points. This doesn’t bode well for Gagner, who I thought would be a staple on that line. Gagner was also a minus-3, which doesn’t exactly scream “promotion”.


Pekka Rinne has played in three of the last four games and has won them all, including a shutout – he has gone five periods without giving up a goal. I think the ball will be his to run with for awhile and if he’s found his groove, he’ll do what he did for this team back in January/February.


With the injury to Alex Martinez (ankle), the Kings claimed Randy Jones off re-entry waivers from the Flyers. They will pay half of his salary. It’s a better situation for the rather fragile Jones, and I would expect a point every two games from him. If he plays well enough, perhaps Martinez goes to the minors when he’s healthy.


Tanguay’s two points last night lend hope to the possibility that he is shaking his slump. He is off the Lecavalier line though.