November 9, 2009

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Tomorrow’s THN article is on the St. Louis Blues and their sputtering offense – a player by player forecast.


Another thought on Ovechkin – he’s a prankster so he may have been kidding with Chesnokov and us fantasy junkies started frothing at the mouth. But I wonder why the Caps PR people started denying it so vehemently? If it was a joke…then why do they care? Just have him play on the weekend unexpectedly


Curtis Glencross has been suspended for his hit on Chris Drury – three games. He had been playing with Moss and Boyd on an effective third line. This will shuffle things up a bit and you could see a new linemate with Iginla or Jokinen – or both (unless Sutter has learned, for good, that those two do not work well together). It’s the domino effect. Once again I’m pulling to see Boyd play with one of those two. I won’t hold my breath though.


There is no doubt in my mind that the Washington brass had a conversation with Ovechkin. Two phone calls later and he likely had a “scripted” conversation with El Bashir and he says he could be back next week. This is to plant the seeds of doubt into the fans, media and of course the opposition. I’m still going with the Puck Daddy timetable. Prove me wrong, Alex! Prove me wrong!


Chesnokov’s interview with Ovechkin – who says he will be out 4-5 weeks. Also noted is the fact that the Caps “dispute” the validity of this interview. Let me say this – Chesnokov has yet to steer his readers wrong when it comes to Russian players. The Caps are like a guy standing in front of a burning building waving his hands and saying “nothing to see here, everything is okay”. It also sounds like the injury is to the hand.


Milan Hejduk missed yesterday’s contest with a sore back. He took the warmup though, so don’t expect him to be sidelined for long. Stastny played with Wolski and Jones, meaning Jones was the beneficiary. Jones scored, which makes a stronger case to keep him in the top six.


The word on Dubinsky – broken bone in his right hand. He’s done for about three weeks according to Newsday. Other sources have it at six weeks.


Cam Ward will be out for about four weeks with his lacerated leg injury. According to Darren Dreger, the ‘Canes will sign Manny Legace to replace him. Look for Manny to get thrown right in there. If he can steal a few W’s, he’ll steal the backup job from Michael Leighton.


The Canucks are claiming that Roberto Luongo has the flu, which is why he missed practice. Expecting him back before the weekend would be optimistic.

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One player I missed in yesterday’s column as a “buy low” is Martin Havlat. I don’t normally recommend going after a Band-Aid Boy executive, b