November 23, 2009

Dobber Sports


The Habs have recalled Sergei Kostitsyn. SK has 13 points in 16 games in the AHL.


Guillaume Latendresse to the Wild for Benoit Pouliot, according to RDS. Two players of similar age and similar upside – albeit Pouliot has much more offensive potential, whereas Latendresse has much more crash and bang potential. Not sure the reasoning here. The new environment will help both players – Latendresse will get a lot of ice time right away thanks to all the MIN injuries. Pouliot will get a good initial look, but if he doesn’t do anything with it he could be buried very quickly. Salary almost identical.


Lots of chatter on Twitter about a trade involving the Wild (Russo is one of the ones tweeting this). Possibly with the Habs and involving Pouliot? More chatter. Stay tuned.


Mike Russo is reporting that Brent Burns has a concussion.


Let’s talk some Filatov destinations. Keep in mind that this is just Dobber yappin’ out his ass and there is nothin’ to it, but here goes:

Anaheim – A definite possibility. They are out of the playoffs and have some veterans who would help down the stretch. If they take on some salary in return, perhaps they can get rid of JSG as well. TRADE FIT: Four stars (out of five).

Atlanta – Only if they fall from playoff status. If they do, then perhaps a trade could be had. Filatov would fit their Russian theme, but they lack assets that the CBJ would want. FIT: Two stars.

Boston – They have enough young, skilled forwards. NO FIT.

Buffalo – Although they have several small players already, if they fall from the playoffs they may trade a heavy salaried player such as Pominville. FIT: Two stars.

Calgary – I don’t see them falling out of the playoff picture at all. NO FIT.

Carolina – Out of the playoff picture, and they have tons of vets who would help a playoff run, including several potential UFA’s. They also don’t have a lot in the way of small and skilled in the system. What a great fit. FIT: Five stars.

Chicago – Already in playoffs. Already loaded with skilled youth. NO FIT.

Colorado – If they fall out of the playoffs, and I think they could, they will make a pitch. However, not a lot of vets to give up and Darcy Tucker just won’t be good enough. FIT: Two stars.

Dallas – They have lots of players that could help a CBJ playoff run in all positions, but will/can they trade them? Modano in another city? Lehtinen? Richards and his salary? Would they trade a Turco with no solid goalie in the system? Unlikely, all. Still… FIT: Two stars.

Detroit – Same situation as Dallas. FIT: Two stars.

Edmonton – The Oilers make moves like this. They also have tradeable assets that would help a playoff run. Horcoff is certainly expendable, for example. FIT: Four stars.

Florida – With Salak RIPPING up the AHL, Stillman on the roster, and Ballard bringing in heavy coin, there are several veterans who could be had at the deadline if the Panthers are out of it. This is a very good fit. FIT: Four stars.

Los Angeles – If they fall out of the playoffs, which I doubt, I don’t think they would pay for another young gun when they already have a ton of them. NO FIT.

Minnesota – They have the ne