I Like…Big…Busts and I Cannot Lie

Ryan Ma




We're about a third of the way into the fantasy season and there have certainly been a few busts to start the year. We'll discuss a few that have caught my attention and see if that's going to be the expected norm or whether things are going to look brighter moving forward.


Pavel Datsyuk

You can't really call someone who has 20 points in 24 contests a certified bust, but poolies probably expected much more from the 10th overall ranked player in Yahoo drafts. His SOG per contest average has climbed to 3.29 after his opening month average of 2 to start the season, which is a sign in the positive direction. Maaaasquito Buzz: Don't expect his 63 point pace to continue. Look for 60 points in the remaining 56 contests moving forward.


Dion Phaneuf

Phaneuf currently has 13 points in 26 contests which probably isn't as good as many poolies expected as the second ranked defenseman drafted at the beginning of the year. His current 11.1 percent shooting percentage is almost double of his current career average (6.7), which means that his numbers are inflated as they are. What's different this year compared to previous years is that he's always been the "go-to" guy, but that role is being diminished by the inclusion of Jay Bouwmeester and Robyn Regher in the Flames line up. Phaneuf's SOG per contest average has also completely plummeted. Last season he had a 3.46 average compared to this year's dismal 2.08. If he only tallied 47 points last season, it's kind of unreasonable to expect him to tally more points by firing 40 percent less. Maaaasquito Buzz: Don't expect anything more than 45 point this year, so probably between 25-30 points in the remaining 56 contests.


Martin Havlat

Band-Aid boy Havlat is back as he's dealing with a hamstring (groin!) problem. Even before the injury he was on a dismal 0.42 point-per-game pace, which probably puts him squarely in the bust category. The main difference from last year compared to this year is that he had the protection of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews in Chicago. This year he's drawing all of the attention from the opposition's top checking lines, which probably will 1) cause him to be injured more frequently or 2) dramatically hurt his fantasy production. It appears that both are occurring at the moment. Maaaasquito Buzz: I don't quite know about his injury status, so I can't give you a firm number for expected points for the rest of the season, but I