Tlusty traded to Carolina

Jeff Angus


Philippe Paradis


Jiri Tlusty has been traded to the Hurricanes in exchange for 2009 1st round draft pick, Philippe Paradis.


The Hurricanes get: A young player with the upside to be a 20-30 goal scorer off the wing. Tlusty is sound defensively as well and is a strong skater. For whatever reason he has fallen out of graces with Leafs management. Obviously Paul Maurice (current Carolina and former Toronto coach) recommended this move. Tlusty is also close to being NHL ready now. Look for him to break through next season with Boychuk, Bowman, and Sutter all as full-time players. The ‘Canes are going to get very young very fast. Tlusty may even get a chance this season to earn a spot, especially if Carolina’s veterans continue to slump.


The Leafs get: A big and skilled center playing his third season in the QMJHL. Paradis currently has 19 points in 26 games – definitely nothing to write home about in a very offensive league. Paradis is more physical than Tlusty and uses his big frame very well to create offense, but he is at least two or three seasons away from making an impact. Obviously the Leafs soured on Tlusty, because this seems like a step backwards to me. Leafs also lose a contracted player (Paradis hasn’t signed yet), so that opens up a spot for another free agent prospect signing if they so choose. I believe the Leafs are close (within two or three) to the 50 contract maximum, so this opens up a bit of breathing space.


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Fantasy Players Impacted: Nothing in Toronto – just clears the way for Tyler Bozak and Viktor Stalberg to be the next call-ups. In Carolina, this might push back Bowman and Boychuk for this season, as Tlusty is more NHL ready than they are. It also should get some of the veteran wingers in Carolina (Walker, LaRose, Cole, etc) on their toes. I can’t see any team wanting Cole right now, but he may lose his spot on one of the top lines.