I wonder…

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I wonder about things. These thoughts often inch towards the borders of insanity. Thankfully, they're confined to the realm of fantasy hockey, so I don't need to check myself in anywhere. But I'll look at what a player has done in one game or in one league or in one month and a crazy thought will appear in my head – often too nutty to even ramble about in my daily blog.


Most of the time – and by "most" I mean 99.9 percent – nothing comes of it. Rarely, something will seep through, such as my wondering if Rich Peverley could become a second-line producer in Atlanta back when he was waived by Nashville. Occasionally, I'll come close to actually seeing the crazy thought come to pass, but then it will fall short – such as when Nashville waived Simon Gamache and St. Louis picked him up. He scored five goals in seven games before tapering off and getting waived again and then disappearing into Lonny Bohonos-land. But for the most part, these ridiculous thoughts that force their way into my brain, however briefly, do not come to pass at all and are too farfetched to share.


Until now.


Why not throw all the darts at once? Maybe one will hit the bull's-eye. More likely they'll all fall beneath the dartboard and put holes in the wall, but as long as I forewarn you then I figure it's fair to share them just this once. So here goes…


–          Career AHLer's who I wonder if they could be stars in the NHL: Martin St. Pierre and Brett Sterling. A couple of injuries, a couple of early fluke goals, the right linemates and the right coach – that's the Matt Moulson recipe that could open doors. Screw with the recipe just a little bit and they'll be tearing up the German League by the time they're 30.


–          I wonder if Vladimir Sobotka could get 75 points in his second year on a different team.


–          I wonder if Tim Connolly could go back to his 82-game ways. Alright, that one is too far-fetched.


–          Could Mike Rupp be a 60-point player with Sidney Crosby? For five seasons, Mike Knuble averaged about 18 points before – at the age of 30 – he clicked with Joe Thornton…then Peter Forsberg…etc., etc.


–          Rostislav Olesz will get about 35 points in 75 games this year. But I wonder if next season he will top 70? Injuries have slowed down his development, so a "fifth year breakout" isn't inconceivable, is it?


–          I wonder if Teddy Purcell will get traded and instantly become a point-per-game player. He's a talented forward and the Kings don't really need him. But come February they will need another experienced veteran on their roster. If he w