Miracles in December

Ryan Ma




Ryan Ma analyzes past December trends to figure out which players will pop this month


We're now into the third month of this fantasy campaign and there have certainly been plenty of surprises and disappointments. I'm a big believer in historical numbers, which is why I'm dedicating this week's column on looking at past performances for predicting the future. Obviously, no one owns a crystal ball, which can gaze into the future, so one logical way to help us plan for the future is to taking a glance at the past. This week we'll take a look at 12 players who might be in store for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


As always before the good stuff let's take a look at a few:

Maaasquito Buzzings…

Players in the last seven days with the highest production in each category who are less than 50% owned in Yahoo leagues.






Miettinen (4)

Brunette (6)

Smid (6)

Brunette (3)

Williams (16)

Stewart (4)

Stewart (3)

Simmonds (5)

Stoll (3)

Stoll (15)

Pyatt (3)

Stoll (3)

Miettinen (4)

Williams (2)

Stewart (14)

Duchene (3)

Whitney (3)