Gettin’ Sexy in the West

Ryan Ma




The Christmas break is fast approaching, so this week we'll just take a look at what's been going with each of the Western Conference teams.


As always before the good stuff let's take a look at a few:

Maaasquito Buzzings…

Players in the last seven days with the highest production in each category who are less than 50% owned in Yahoo leagues.







Erat (4)

J.Johnson (3)

S. Koivu (7)

Voracek (3)

Umberger (17)

Sexton (4)

Sullivan (3)

Sexton (6)

Vrbata (3)

Bertuzzi (16)

Bertuzzi (3)

Klein (3)

Miller (4)

Erat (2)

Arnott (16)

Vrbata (3)

Koivu (3)

O'Brien (4)

Michalek (2)

Erat (14)

Sullivan (3)

Whitney (2)

Gilbert (4)

Russell (2)

Sexton (14)



Maaaasquito Bite of the week: Dan Sexton

Sexton now has five points in five contests and is on one hell of a hot streak since joining the Ducks 12 days ago. What's also amazing is his 22 SOG during that span. His current 22.2 percent shooting percentage also ranks amongst the league's best. The astonishing thing is that he's also only averaging 14:23 each contest and less than a minute on the power-play, if he can get a bit more quality ice-time he could be in for a very productive two-three weeks. As long as Teemu Selanne is dealing with his broken hand, look for Sexton to get every opportunity to help get the Ducks out of their current funk.


Now onto the quick hits…


Anaheim Ducks

As mentioned above the Sexton is a smart pick up if you are looking for some help on the wings. Ryan Getzlaf is on a bit of a hot-streak with 25 points and 42 SOG in 20 contests since the end of October. Corey Perry is on a similar pace with 22 points and a blazing 70 SOG in the same span. Bobby Ryan seems to be settling fine on the second line as he has s