Looking Ahead with Crazynuck – Week 12

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Roberto Luongo

Crazynuck delivers the goods as always! Want to see what teams have the best and worst schedules from a fantasy perspective? It doesn’t matter what day your fantasy pool sets the lines, it’s all in here!

Friday December 18 to Thursday December 24, 2009
Best Bets
Buffalo 4.49 – four games TOR, PIT, TOR, WSH
Boston 4.19 – four games CHI, TOR, OTT, ATL
St.Louis 4.08 – four games TB, VAN, EDM, CGY
Carolina 3.98 – four games FLAx2, NYR, MTL
Toronto 3.93 – four games BUF, BOS, BUF, NYI
Steer Clear
LA 0.00 – ZERO games
Nashville 1.86 – two games CGY, VAN
SJ 1.88 – two games DAL, CHI
Calgary 2.06 – two games NSH, STL