December 27, 2009

Dobber Sports


Midseason Guide – order here – I just realized is set for a Saturday release (January 9). I will do what I can to get that sucker out on Friday afternoon – the 8th. Perhaps as a pre-release and then re-release it January 9 upon completion.


Derek Roy will miss today’s contest. He left yesterday’s game with a UBI. I’m sure we’ll hear more by tomorrow.


The wind has left Dan Sexton’s sails. He has one point and is a minus-5 in his last five games.


Justin Williams broke his leg last night. More of the Williams curse – we should have known he couldn’t get through a season! This will be chance No. 47 this year for Teddy Purcell to step up. Purcell was a scratch last night, but will get back in now.


Andy McDonald has six points in his last seven games after an absolutely brutal start to the campaign. His pace is for 47 points, but I think he’ll top 55.


Alex Semin signed a one-year contract extension. He’ll be a UFA when that runs out.


Tomas Vanek played 19:33 and scored in his return to action.


With 12 points in his last 12 games, Kyle Okposo has caught up to Matt Moulson for second on the Isles in points with 26.


Chris Stewart continues to flourish. He has 19 points in his last 17 contests and is playing with Stastny and Wolski. Time to take him more seriously, I think…


Sweden has named their Olympic Team. Interesting names: Gustavsson, Hornqvist, Modin… I say Modin because I wonder what he has done in the last few years to warrant the pick. I would have gone with Brunnstrom over Modin. I would have also considered a kid like MPS over Weinhandl. Also Viktor Hedman over Johansson. Gotta get the kids some experience for 2014. Just my two cents.


Filpulla made his return to the DET lineup last night, playing nearly 18 minutes. He played with Leino and Eaves. Other lines: Datsyuk with Bertuzzi and Holmstrom; Helm with Miller and Draper.

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Getzlaf cut his leg with his other skate yesterday and it required stitches. He won’t be out long-term, but he may miss a game or two.


Notch went 10-3 with his Saturday picks yesterday, including calling a couple of two-goal wins (the plus) and coming dangerously close to going 11-2. He tells me in an email that he won another $1300. Like fantasy players, these expert bettors tend to go through hot/cold streaks, so I’m inclined to say that you should go with him the next time he’s up (in two weeks – Marty is next week)


Okay, it took an injury to their two top offensive players, but Ryan Shannon finally got the ice time again. He played a season high 15:28 and scored a goal, playing with Kovalev and Fisher.


Jaroslav Halak continues to drive his market value upwards with a 47-save performance last night.


Brandon Dubinsky has five points in his last three games. He’s still playing with Gabby