Statistical Anomalies

Ryan Ma




We've all heard of the phrase "the numbers don't lie", but there is always room for statistical anomalies that make each and every one of us scratch our heads. This week we'll take a look at 17 statistical anomalies along with my thoughts on whether the numbers will re-align itself or are they in for the long run.


As always, before the good stuff, let's take a look at a few:

Maaasquito Buzzings…

Players in the last seven days with the highest production in each category who are less than 50% owned in Yahoo leagues.






Raymond (3)

Clutterbuck (3)

Mitchell (7)

J. Johnson (2)

Tyutin (14)

Latendresse (3)

Mueller (3)

Nolan (5)

Brunette (2)

Sexton (12)

Berglund (2)

Belanger (3)

Salo (4)

Handzus (2)

Byfuglien (12)

Madden (2)

Vandermeer (2)

Belanger (4)

Raymond (2)

Goc (10)

Bertuzzi (2)

Langkow (2)

Vlasic (4)