January 3, 2010

Dobber Sports


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Here’s a big twist to my following the Giroux vs. JVR with the new coach: Giroux is a MINUS-6 today so far with zero points. JVR has two points and is even. Wow


Nicklas Backstrom left last night’s contest – he was suffering from a “migraine”. He gets these from time to time, although they have yet to cost him a full game. Migraines were a big problem for him prior to turning pro.


Ryan Shannon has three points today – and the game is still going. Just a correction on my note below, Richard Panik actually leads the Slovaks, and not Tatar.


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Shocker – by now you know that the Swiss team knocked out the Russians at the WJC and will move onto the semi-final. Now is the perfect time to go after Nikita Filatov – his tourney is considered “disappointing” and his KHL vs. NHL status is still very much up in the air. So yes, it could all come crashing down on you. But he managed six points in five WJC games and dominates the KHL against men – I’m not worried at all about his skill-set. Remember Niklas Backstrom didn’t score a goal at the WJC and then a year later was nominated for the Calder. No, the only concern is the fact that he is in Russia. But I am confident that he will be back – doubly so if he is traded or Hitchcock is fired.


One Russian who did impress – Kirill Petrov. He had eight points and was the finisher to Filatov’s set-up routine. He is ranked 167 on my list – but definitely moves up. The Isles are keen on getting him here for next fall. One downside to him – he is very fragile. So be forwarned.


The star of the tourney so far has been Eberle, who has 10 points in four games. The Oilers were smart to let him season for two more years. He is a Calder candidate for next year.


Alex Pietrangelo is the next highest scorer on the team with nine points. Under a new coach next year, he could really start to shine. Although I think he would be best served in the AHL for a year.


Buffalo prospect Luke Adam, the player I named in Dobber Nation as one I would be watching, has five points and is a plus-6 in four games. He is a power forward in a Buffalo system that lacks them. No room for him next year, but he could be rushed to the team for 2011 because he’s a good fit.


Tomas Tatar – five points in five games to lead the Slovaks. There is a nice write-up on Tatar by Matt Bugg in the Midseason Guide – as advertised, there is an increased look at prospects in this edition. Order it now!

Also a nice write-up on Marcus Johansson by Bugg – he has six points in four WJC games. Other Swedes doing well – Oliver Ekman-Larsson (five points), Jacob Josefson (five points) and of course MPS who has nine points (and also a big write-up by Bugg). Anton Rodin (six points) also has a write-up.


Andre Petersson, second on Sweden in scoring with eight points, is an Ottawa prospect who is ranked 184 on my list. I only saw him play once, so I’m going strictly by his stats against his peers – but he’ll move up significantly next update.