January 10, 2010

Dobber Sports


Brandon Dubinsky has 12 points in his last 10 games. He is a streaky player when he plays with stars, but he keeps getting 20 minutes a game. Without a guy like Gaborik or Jagr, I don’t think he would have the consistency to ever get 60 points. With a superstar on his wing, he could get to 70. Still conservative, I know, but he has far too many zero-point games. He’s still only 23, so there is still time to change my mind on him though.


The Midseason Guide is described here – have a look. I guarantee this will give you a leg up on your competition.


My favorite goalie of all time – Curtis Joseph – will announce his retirement Tuesday, according to TSN. His play for St. Louis is what won me over – that series against the Leafs (I’m sure you know the one I’m talking about). He and Grant Fuhr – two goalies who always seemed to do enough to win games, often times behind weak defense. I have a piece of the mesh from his net from his 300th win, as well as from his 400th win.


Jimmy Howard is 15-7-1 in his last 23 decisions. He has started eight straight contests and has allowed no more than three goals in any of them. His SP was 0.898 on November 21 and is now up to 0.928. Funny enough, his career trend is reminding me of…Chris Osgood. Osgood didn’t have the confidence of the fans or the media when he first started either. A constant complaint about the Red Wings was that they needed goaltending. But the coach had a style that sheltered the goaltender from too many difficult saves and Osgood won a ton of games (to say nothing about the Cup). Howard could very well win 35 games this year without any confidence from fans/media and without any of the hype. And then all summer we’ll speculate on how the Wings will sign a goalie like Nabokov…and then they’ll end up sticking with Howard again – and he’ll succeed. Again. Just like Osgood did. In fantasy leagues, Howard will never have the trade value he deserves no matter how well he does. Just like Osgood. So scoop him up for cheap and you could possibly enjoy all his wins while your fellow GM’s keep low-balling you with laughable offers.


On a losing streak? Just try and arrange the schedule so that you play the Leafs. The Oilers and Penguins did that and it worked like a charm.


The Prospect Rankings will be up later today, or possibly tomorrow latest.


I had a midseason draft last night – just one round. Thanks to injuries and a heavy reliance on prospects (six out of 20 players), I was stuck with the fourth overall pick. I should be doing better than that. About three weeks ago I acquired the eighth overall pick for Brandon Dubinsky. The thinking was that I could get either Mason Raymond or Chris Stewart with that pick, which would be an upgrade to Dubinsky – upsides may be similar, but Raymond and Stewart have more points and the pool counts playoff points as well. Raymond and Stewart have been so hot though, that I was forced to take Raymond fourth and Stewart was gone third. I ended up with Tobias Enstrom eighth (that’s not as good as it sounds, since in this league d-men are no different from forwards). So I ended up losing out a bit on the deal, but I took a chance and it’s just one of those things.


Surprisingly Matt Moulson slipped way down – maybe three weeks ago he would have gone first overall. Last night, he was still around for the 11th pick. The guy who owned the pick – Hallsey, for those long-time readers who remember him covering for me at times – didn’t have any