DobberHockey Olympic Pool

Jeff Angus


Olympic Pool

Welcome to the official DobberHockey Olympic Pool! We have managed to secure some great sponsors to both run the pool and reward the winners at the end! The pool is absolutely free to join, and is being run by our friends over at Armchair Pools. To join the pool, simply click the link here, and register a team name. You will then be asked to pick your players – don't worry about making your final selections now, you can log back in to the site at any time before the Olympics begin and change your picks.

As for the prizes…

1st Place – The winner of the DobberHockey Olympic Pool will receive a brand new, autographed Steve Yzerman Team Canada jersey courtesy of The Sports Lettering Company. The jersey comes with a COA from Lucky Sports (formerly StevieY Authentics), and is absolutely stunning. Check out some pictures.


Yzerman Jersey


Yzerman Jersey

Yzerman Canada Jersey