January 30, 2010

Jeff Angus



Both Nick Foligno (broken leg) and Mike Cammalleri were injured in the game this afternoon. Foligno is out for a few months, which is a big blow to Ottawa’s second line.


Mikael Samuelsson had some fun with the Toronto media today, as he switched the nameplates above the locker stalls for Henrik and Daniel Sedin (I wanted to spell stall “staal,” I guess that is a sign of a true hockey fan).


Rumor: Philly has claimed Lukas Krajicek off of waivers.


The Sens win again! Sure are playing great team hockey right now – the game this afternoon was pretty boring, but two points is huge. Ottawa is really seperating itself from the pack in the East.


Pierre Lebrun: Jonas Hiller is close to re-signing a four year extension with the Anaheim Ducks worth $18 million. Giguere will either be bought out or moved to another team, if the Ducks can find someone willing to take on his $6 million salary.


Mike Green has been suspended for three games for his head shot on Florida’s Frolik. He is a big banged up with the charley horse but probably would have played on Sunday if not for this.


Neither Backstrom (three points) nor Ovechkin (one point) played more than 18 minutes last night.


Marc Savard returned to action after missing eight games. He assisted on Milan Lucic’s goal (the only one of the game for Boston). Lucic and Savard should be available below cost right now, but I’d steer clear of most other Bruins.


Video of Mike Green’s elbow to “Frolic.”


Wow – Mike Green escaped that with only a charley horse and may play Sunday. The way his knee buckled I was expecting the prognosis to be in weeks or months, and not days (or “day” in this case).


The Parise-Zajac-Zubrus line combined for 11 points. Parise had two early goals and had about a half-dozen other chances to complete the trick, including a few robberies and a post. For some reason Jacques Lemaire split the three up, but after Toronto tied it up late in the third they were out there together in overtime on the power play.


Colton Orr scored a breakaway goal. I figured that was worth mentioning. I’ll get a video up of it. (And no, it will not be some “blurry” video claiming to contain evidence of Bigfoot – this really happened!)


With two goals last night, Mike Knuble has eight in his last eight games. He is the perfect fit for the Capitals – a team full of flash and dash can use some meat and potatoes in front of the net, especially on the power play. Knuble is a bigger, slightly less talented version of Ryan Smyth.


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Darren Dreger is reporting that the Stars and Leafs are talking trade. Mike Ribeiro, perhaps? Maybe a Turco for Toskala swap to save some salary for Dallas? Not really sure here. Sounds like Dallas wants to dump some salary. Apparently there is one specific player coveted by Dallas. My sources ar