February 4th, 2010

Jeff Angus


7:27 PM – Kovalchuk is going to the Devils. My point below obviously only works if Greene isn’t part of the trade…. haha.


If it is indeed the Devils – PICK UP ANDY GREENE! Whoever gets the golden ticket of setting up Kovalchuk on the power play (Tobias Enstrom’s gig), watch out.


7:19 PM – Team coming in 10 minutes. Stay tuned. Process of elimination + speculation = the Devils.


7: 05 PM – No Rangers or Bruins, per Bobby Mac. Also, Flyers beat writer reporting they are out too. Great scoop Kypreos!


7:00 PM – Bobby McKenzie weighs in – Kovalchuk is being dealt tonight. Exciting stuff! I want to head out to the gym but can’t miss an announcement, hoping something comes soon…


6:45 PM update – Kovalchuk being traded to an Eastern Conference team, per Kevin Allen – Kypreos things Philly. Kypreos isn’t the most noteworthy of sources, but he is somewhat connected.


Per Kevin Allen (USA Today writer) – Kovalchuk deal going down TONIGHT.


Cody Hodgson is playing tonight.


Cory Schneider owners, read this. Dallas is after him and Halak. I speculated a few weeks ago that Dallas and Vancouver could be good trade partners in a Schneider trade. It also helps that Schneider played his best game as a pro in Dallas earlier this season.


Japers Rink has identified a stat that highlights the inconsistency of Jose Theodore. Pretty amazing – in Theo’s 31 starts this year, his save percentage has been between 9.00 and .919 just once…


Dobber delivers his weekly Thursday goods over at Puck Daddy. Also, for those of you in the Vancouver area, Puck Daddy is going to be at Malone’s on Feb 21st to watch the Sweden/Finland game, along with The KurtenBloggers. I may make an appearance as well.


Brian Elliott is starting B2B tonight against the Canucks.


Don Waddell leaked his contract offer to Kovalchuk today, in a move that reeks of damage control. I feel for Waddell here – Kovalchuk obviously likes Atlanta, but he isn’t confident that the team will be able to stay in the city for the next 10-12 years, thus the high demands. Waddell’s last offer was over $101 million on a 12 year deal.


I think Kovalchuk ends up signing somewhere else for around $8-9 million per season. He just made the monster demands to justify leaving Atlanta. There is no chance he goes to the KHL. None at all.


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