February 23, 2009

Dobber Sports


The biggest news of the day is the unsurprising announcement that Canada will ride Roberto Luongo the rest of the way. Because, at this point, if another goalie change is needed, the team is toast anyway.


Angus didn’t really say he was off to see women’s curling last night. Really he meant to type… men’s…drinking…


New line combos – Crosby, Iginla and Staal; Getzlaf, Nash and Perry.


Patric Hornqvist is okay and will play tomorrow for Team Sweden after getting knocked on the noggin’ by Joni Pitkanen. Pitkanen was suspended one game for the incident.


Mikael Backlund has eight points in his last seven games – after just 18 in 44 prior to that. Sounds like his NHL stint gave him more confidence. He could be in the NHL for good when the break is over. Fall at the latest.

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