Fredrik Modin Traded to Los Angeles

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Fantasy Analysis: Columbus sends winger Fredrik Modin to Los Angeles for future considerations.



The Kings get: an aging, broken down winger who could still have some gas in the tank as a third-line winger who could score a goal every three games.

The Blue Jackets get: Mr. Considerations is a fantastic prospect ranked No. 186 on my Fantasy Prospects list. Okay…I’ve had too much coffee today.

Fantasy Players Impacted: Freddie (I still call him “Miss-the-Net Modin” from his Toronto days) went from potentially tallying four points down the stretch to potentially notching 11 points. I don’t think he will be back in the NHL next year, but he could do okay in the final 20 contests. His presence hurts Oscar Moller’s ice time for the final quarter.

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Players this deal helps, in order:

1. Fredrik Modin (short term)

2. Jakub Voracek

Players this deal hurts, in order:

1. Oscar Moller (short term)