March 25, 2010

Jeff Angus



Dobber’s weekly Puck Daddy article. Check it out!


Check out the photographic evidence of this past Sunday’s DobberHockey event at the Marlies game HERE


Expect Mats Zuccarello Aasen to sign with an NHL club very, very soon. I am henceforth going to refer to him as MZA, as it is much easier to type out! Not sure what his immediate upside is, but he proved at the Olympics that he can handle the physical stuff.


Dobber jumping on – just wanted to wish Mr. Justin Goldman a Happy Birthday. The master goalie analyst! So everyone go read his article and pay him a nice compliment.


I just posted the video of Henrik Sedin’s assist from last night. Wow.


Mikko Koivu is out tonight with an arm injury, per Michael Russo. I wonder who fills in for him on the top unit?


Dobber will be on The Hockey News radio show at 3:45 Friday (XM station 204) chatting puck.


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The third annual Prime Cuts roster will be out very soon. Although there are still over two weeks left in the season, most of the important roster decisions have been made. It is fun to put together, and I hope you guys/gals can get some enjoyment reading it! Here are some links to the past two editions: 2007-08, and 2008-09. Picking the backup goalie was especially tough, because there are so many goalies in the league that have gone from backup to starter over the course of this season.


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Peter Chiarelli continues to display his inability to understand the salary cap. Re-signing a decent 5th/6th defenseman in Andrew Ference to a three-year extension that will pay him over $2 million per season is absurd. Boston is struggling to score this season because they have a plethora of overpaid, mediocre players (Sturm, Lucic, Wideman, Ryder), and Ference now joins that group. Ference's inability to stay healthy makes the contract even worse. He will play 60 games this year if he doesn't miss any down the stretch, and that total would be his highest as a Bruin. He played 59 back in 2007-08, and only 47 last season. I am not saying that overpaying for a depth defenseman by a million bucks is going to completely hamstring a team, but a few of these deals together will.


In addition to those bad contracts listed above, Chiarelli chose to keep David Krejci and Milan Lucic over Phil Kessel, which is a mistake in hindsight. He is extremely lucky that Burke made a foolish move in dealing the draft picks, as Boston reportedly wanted to deal Kessel to Nashville instead, but Phil refused to sign there. The Thomas contract was bad, but at the time it would have been tough to justify letting the reigning Vezina winner walk (although great GM's have to make those tough choices). Chiar