A Brief Note Re: Rankings

Dobber Sports



After giving it a lot of careful thought, I have decided to no longer make the rankings a part of DobberHockey. There were a multitude of factors that went into this decision.


Some examples:


Too many different leagues with different rules that need to be satisfied, too many other ranking systems that are all over the Internet, a lot of time invested in keeping these rankings that could be better spent improving the site; etc etc.


They had a good run, but in the end I don’t think the time spent in putting them together was giving the readers enough value. Especially when there are so many other places to look to for rankings. The monthly roto rankings will remain, as Chris Boyle adds his wit to those pieces. But the ones that I put together for keeper leagues – the Top 300 fantasy player, Top 100 fantasy defensemen and the Top 215 fantasy prospects – are discontinued.


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For those of you who are disappointed, please accept my apology. I promise you that my time will be better spent on other aspects of the site.