April 5, 2010

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The Sharks have reportedly signed Cameron MacIntyre to a contract. MacIntyre had 10 points in 10 games this year for Princeton. He’s 24. I’ll put him on my radar, but I’ll keep his upside modest for now.


TSN confirms the Omark signing, plus more details here.


Peter Mueller, after his three-points, suffered a concussion late in the game. He will not play tomorrow and could possibly miss some playoff time, assuming the Avs get there. I wouldn’t count on him for any more regular season games.


Columbus has recalled Chad Kolarik, who may make his NHL debut tonight. The AHL star needs to take advantage of every opportunity if he is to be a fantasy asset. Good luck to him! We can always use more fantasy assets.


I think it would be extremely good for fantasy hockey if the Caps won the Stanley Cup. Far and away the most offensive team in the league, the copycat ways of the NHL would see to it that more teams follow suit. Nothing would open up the game more – including the clutching and grabbing crackdown, the elimination of the two-line pass, the trapezoid – nothing.


The Oilers have apparently signed Linus Omark to a two-year deal. Thanks to Carcillo in our forum for this link. I don’t think Omark will have a Patrick Kane impact on the league. I think he’ll have a Nate Gerbe impact. That is to say – wait three more years!


Hall vs. Seguin, after two games: Taylor Hall has four points and is plus-4. Tyler Seguin is pointless and minus-5. Hall’s team Windsor is up 2-0 in the series.


Another three points for Peter Mueller. He has 20 points in 15 games playing for Colorado. The safe, but somewhat aggressive, call here is to say that he’ll get 60 points next season. But I wouldn’t exactly be shocked if he and Paul Stastny battle it out for the team’s scoring lead. He was selected one draft after Stastny and 36 spots earlier, so the pedigree would suggest more upside. In one of my three keeper leagues I own him, and I thank the hockey gods for granting me a free star.


With Calgary losing and Colorado winning, the Avs are up by two points for that final spot with a game in hand. They just beat San Jose, whom they would meet in the first round.


Ville Leino was down to 10 minutes of ice time in an important and close game yesterday. The Flyers beat the Red Wings cleanly (i.e. no cheap OT point). Leino managed an assist, to give him three points in four contests. Not good enough for playoff pool consideration, given that Jeff Carter will be back. Leino played with Powe and Asham, which is a waste of his talent…but whose spot in the top six could he take?


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Daniel Carcillo has seven points and 49 PIM in his last 17 games. His PIM are slowly dropping each season, but he should maintain things above 200 going forward.


Baseball season is in full swing today – make sure you have your cop