2009-10 Prime Cuts (Part 1 of 5)

Jeff Angus


Prime Cuts

The third annual Prime Cuts roster is here! Check out the Prime Cuts rosters from 2007-08 and 2008-09. The thinking process that goes in to selecting the team is similar to Pierre McGuire's "Monsters" for TSN (I promise that is the first and only time I will compare my thinking process to Pierre's). Since this is a fantasy hockey site, the selection process favours players that have had strong seasons on the score sheet, obviously. However, not just goals and assists are weighted – perhaps a player has started to shoot the puck more, or play better defensively. Intangibles like heart, grit, and determination factor in to the selection process as well. It is far and away my favourite article to write each year, and I hope you will all enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it!


Part 1 of the series will name the backup goaltender, the bottom defensive pairing, and the fourth line.




The Backup: Tuukka Rask

The backup goalie in the NHL is a position that requires one to possess a combination of door-opening and gum-chewing abilities. It also requires a very unique mental makeup, as backups must sit and watch, but always be mentally and physically ready to step in to any situation (when the reigning Vezina Trophy winner struggles mightily, for example). The Bruins shelled out big bucks to extend Tim Thomas last summer, even with prized prospect Tuukka Rask waiting in the wings. It would have been hard