April 11, 2010

Dobber Sports


My draft list is fully updated as of 6:30pm ET, complete with my picks for an upset and updated picks for the first round. In my rush to get this up for evening pools, there may be a glitch. If so, please let me know in the comments below. But everything should be working fine according to my tests.


The Pens have recalled Eric Tangradi for today’s contest. I suspect he’ll make an impact by earning at least a point. He won’t be a playoff regular, barring an injury to the team, but he could make the team as early as the fall.


Some injury news/updates from Adrian Dater over at the Denver Post:
– Peter Mueller is showing signs of improvement and coach Joe Sacco says that he hopes to have him back for the first game of the playoffs.
– David Jones is practicing and should be ready for Game 1.
– Matt Duchene could return for the playoffs. he suffered a torso injury against the Blackhawks, though the problem has apparently been a lingering one.


Jones’ performance in the playoffs will depend on Mueller taking his spot in the top six. If Mueller is in, don’t expect a lot from Jones.


Do you ever notice how some players go nutty in the final two games to skew their value for September? I mean, seriously – Tom Gilbert quickly gets 11 points in four games to give him 30 – more than a third in just four games. If he gets two more in his final game, his 32 points will actually be looked upon as “not as bad as I thought” instead of “what a train wreck”. Thomas Vanek with four goals last night… man, 27 goals doesn’t look as bad as 23 did. And all we’ll see in September is 27! Not the fact that he had 23 as of April 9!


Final day of the NHL season – Stamkos, Ovechkin have 50 goals, Crosby has 49. Who gets the Richard? Weigh in. See the poll.


Playoff pools are in full swing, so we will be focusing on those for the next few days. But after those playoff drafts are up and the postseason is in full swing, we will be shifting our focus to keeper league strategy, free agency, the KHL, etc. Just to answer a few inquiries about analysis of the near future here on DobberHockey… FYI you can find info about/buy my Playoff Draft List right here


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I see from yesterday’s ramblings that Angus is leaving empty handed from his fantasy leagues this season. this will be the second consecutive year that I myself did not win any of my four leagues (unless I win one of my two keepers that include playoffs – and with Crosby, Staal, Goligoski, Letang, Fedotenko, Ponikarovsky etc in one…I have a pretty good shot at that trophy). Perhaps it’s the “curse of giving advice on DobberHockey”? We spend so much time helping others, and not enough time helping ourselves. Yes… I admit, Angus and I are the “Ghandi” and “Mother Theresa” of fantasy hockey. (I’m the boy…Angus can be Mother Theresa)