Post-Lotto Mock

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The results are in, and while the order hasn’t changed since the season ended, have the options available to GMs shifted?



1. Edmonton Oilers– LW Taylor Hall (Windsor/OHL)

The NHL season may be done for the Edmonton Oilers on ice, but the hard work is just beginning for the team’s scouting and management staff. With their lottery win, the Oilers now must make one of the most difficult choices in franchise history without any help from another club. The next ten years may rest solely on this pick and there will be no excuses if Steve Tambellini and head scout Stu MacGregor make the wrong selection.

So, will it be Taylor or will it be Tyler? While Assistant General Manager Kevin Prendergast made comments hinting that a center was at the top of the wish list, there’s a long list of reasons why Taylor Hall makes more sense. He was born in Calgary to an Edmonton Eskimos draft pick, and has the name pedigree and explosive speed to be an immediate draw. Right or wrong, the marketability of both young men will play a role in the decision-making process.

Fans expecting a Pavel Bure or Guy Lafleur will likely be disappointed, but Hall has nevertheless been a factor almost every night during the last three seasons, no matter the uniform or line he’s been on. A natural leader and winner quite literally groomed for the pressure, he’ll need to draw on all of that to survive in the rabid environment of hockey-mad Edmonton.

2. Boston Bruins-
C Tyler Seguin (Plymouth/OHL)

There’s really no other pick the Boston Bruins can make unless they choose to trade it, or at least any other pick that’s remotely defensible. However, while Tyler Seguin will fill neither of the team’s major holes- wing and defense- the organization has nothing to feel ashamed about. For one, Boston’s lineup could look dramatically different in three years- Marc Savard may never completely recover from his devastating concussion, Patrice Bergeron may decide to demand a trade. Either way, it makes little sense to sacrifice talent to fill an immediate role.

However, if the Bruins are dead-set on replacing winger Phil Kessel with the next-best thing- and there are fans who have intimated that such a pick is the only way to rationalize giving up Kessel in the first place- they may attempt to either trade up or offer a package of non-roster assets in order to ensure Hall remains on the board.

Just the same, though, Peter Chiarel