Fantasy: Playoff Impressions – Round 1

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The fat lady hasn't sung yet in every series this round, but we've seen enough to make some interesting observations that could give us an edge in offseason deals.


The good…

Erik Karlsson, Ottawa – He had six points in six games and was leading all the Sens in ice time by the end of it. This was on the heels of finishing the campaign with 12 points in 10 games. If healthy, he should get anywhere from 53 to 68 points next campaign. And so much more to come. He's made us all believers.


John Carlson, Washington – The Caps are sitting veterans just to keep the rookie in the lineup. He's killing penalties and still putting up points without the PP time. In fact – he's been their No.1 penalty killer. He'll be everything Mike Green is, but with a defensive conscience. For more on Carlson, see my THN article from last week.


Jack Johnson, Los Angeles – His minus-5 is pretty ugly, but he was a minus-15 in the regular season so his defensive lapses are not unexpected. They will iron out with experience. But the offense (six points in five games) are a nice surprise. Considering that he ended the season with six points in eight games, that gives him 12 in 13. That sample size is still small, but I would bet good money on him upping his point total next season by at least 25 percent.


Brian Boucher, Philadelphia – Basically, if Boucher can play as well in the second round as he did in the first round, even if he loses, he's worth a flyer. Pardon the pun. Boucher is signed for next season and the team is pretty handcuffed as far as the cap goes. An impressive two rounds under the hot lamp that is the NHL playoffs will go a long way towards not only instilling confidence from the organization, but from within himself. The Flyers are such a good team that the wins will come. So Boucher getting even 50 starts will mean 30 wins.


Peter Regin, Ottawa – With four points in six games, Regin has shown that he can fit in as a complimentary player on one of the top two lines. Chances are he will see some time there through much of the regular season next year. That being said, I don't think his upside is a whole lot higher than 60 or 65 points and I wouldn't pencil him in for more than 40 for 2010-11. Still, that's a nice jump