May 05, 2010

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Amazing – Jordan Staal practiced in full equipment today. Was that just to scare the Habs and change their game plan, or are we actually going to see him soon?


Rumors of Nicklas Lidstrom retiring are starting to swirl. That would be a huge loss, as I think he still has a couple of years of if not elite then certainly high-caliber play left in him.


Olli Jokinen to Russia? TSN is refuting that story…but why is it a story in the first place?


Detroit had another two goal lead and the Sharks came back – again. The San Jose Chokes will soon need to change their nickname to the San Jose Clutch. They want it, and I have a feeling that they will give Vancouver (or Chicago) a real tough go of things in the semi-final. If they’ve found their cahonies, and they seem to have, then they should finally get to the promised land.


Though he was held to just a point, Joe Pavelski now has 13 of them in his last six games.


Pittsburgh stopped trying to figure out a way to score and instead just focused on shutting down Mike Cammalleri. Shut him down, and it goes a long way to shutting down the Habs. Shut down the Habs, and the law of averages will see to it that either Malkin or Crosby will eventually score. Crosby was held to just one shot, so it was Malkin who scored.


I put this guy down a lot, but I have to give credit when it’s due – Pascal Dupuis is having an awesome postseason. He has given the Pens scoring from the third line and last night did okay on Crosby’s line in place of the injured Guerin. Dupuis has seven points in nine games and is on a four-game points streak.


Jordan Staal surprised everyone by going for a quick skate yesterday. Maybe he will be back for the third round after all…


The Pens opted to go with Mark Letestu in his first NHL playoff game last night in place of Guerin, rather than a more experienced Chris Conner or an up-and-comer like Eric Tangradi.


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The Sharks have signed prospect Mark Viedensky to an ELC. He was a point per game in junior and has modest upside, but he will need another four or five years before we see him. I have him ranked 431 on my fantasy prospects list.


The Red Wings, not to be outdone by the Sharks in this department at least, signed Mitchell Callahan to an ELC. He has some potential as an agitating type.


Edmonton has signed Philippe Cornet to an ELC. You are going to see a lot of these ELC signing over the next three weeks for 2008 draftees, as the deadline for signing them approaches. They go back into the draft if unsigned and playing junior hockey.


Break out the brooms Windsor – the Spits just swept the Colts with a 6-2 win. Taylor Hall and Cam Fowler each had two goals and an assist. I would bet decent money on Hall being the No.1 pick this summer, CSB be damned.


The Canadian Press has an interesting piece on the Kostitsyn brothers, bringing to light Sergei’s disinterest and implying that he probably won’t be back with the team next year. He is an RFA in the summer.