May 21, 2010

Jeff Angus



More wallpapers! Toews, Alfredsson, Spezza, Tavares, and Frolik!


The fantasy guide is less than two weeks away! If you haven't already, check out more information about it here. Dobber, Matt Bugg, Ryan Van Horne, and Justin Goldman are all contributors. I am sitting this one out!


The team audits have been a lot of fun and I'll be continuing with them throughout the summer. Already have a bunch in queue, but flip me an e-mail with your sob story and I'll see what I can swing!


James Mirtle with a fantastic piece on the rise of European goaltenders. "And while Europeans make up only a quarter of NHL players as a whole, this season they accounted for 42 per cent of goaltenders who appeared in 30 or more games." Interesting stuff! I wonder how much of this has to do with the focus many teams in Europe are now placing on the position – often times kids as young as six or seven have exclusive goalie coaches.


Nashville goalie coach Mitch Korn (who used to coach Hasek in Buffalo) agrees with me. "Those guys have had goalie coaches since the day they were born," Korn said of Finns in the NHL.


Great feedback in yesterday's ramblings, guys! I am looking for a way to accurately create a top 10 list featuring PIM/points combo players, and I am also now interested in compiling a list of the top 10 special teams (power play and shorthanded production) players in the league. I am unsure of how to weigh the statistics – looking for advice/suggestions/recommendations!


Down Goes Brown fills us in on what a typical day for Gary Bettman looks like. Warning: extremely funny.


DobberHockey member Horrorfan had a fantastic post on the message boards a few days ago – glad I caught it so I can share it with you. A lot of it is standard and common knowledge to poolie veterans, but it is concise and clear information that is very useful for those who are new to fantasy hockey.


Who are the top 10 OHL draft-eligible players? Brock Otten weighs in with his thoughts, and his choice at number three may surprise you. The more I read about Jeff Skinner, the more I like (especially from a fantasy hockey perspective).


Brock and I agree on the Hall/Seguin debate (if there still is one). “While I agree that Hall and Seguin are close, if I’m picking first overall, I take Hall 100/100 times.”


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