June 24, 2010

Jeff Angus


Cyberpresse is reporting that Pouliot may be qualified before Monday, the Habs are still evaluating.


I had forgotten – every year around draft time it’s Matt Bugg’s birthday. This year – it’s today. Happy B-Day Mr. Bugg!


Everyone’s jumping in with ramblings today – gotta love the coverage. It’s Dobber again, back a day early from my family’s little excursion. My daughter Avery was… is “Satan” a mean term? Naw, she’s a sweetheart, but we won’t be putting up with another night of that, so we’re home. Anyway, I’m floored by news out of Montreal – they chose to qualify Sergei Kostitsyn, but not Benoit Pouliot. Pouliot was absolutely fantastic down the stretch… but absolutely horrific in the playoffs. That was his undoing. To retain SK would cost them a mere $650K give or take, while Pouliot would require $950K give or take (didn’t break out my calculator, just spitballin here) – certainly a factor. Pouliot will be an unrestricted free agent on July 1 unless Montreal comes to him with a $650K offer and he takes it (and I’ve seen that happen before)…

…and one word to describe the Sharks retaining Marleau – shocked. I didn’t think they could do it, but the nice increase in salary cap made it possible. He took a small hometown discount, but not a major one – may as much as a million per season.


Wojtek Wookie Wolski has signed a new two-year deal with Phoenix for a reported $7.6 million. I think Wolski was more consistent in PHX than COL, but I’ll leave the analysis to the big boys. Most of you know I think he’s brutal defensively, but if anyone can solve that issue, it’s Tippett.

Have no fear, Angus will have analysis on the Sharks and Bruins re-signees this afternoon. More rumors swirling, now about Thomas having permission to talk with other teams and Jon Quick has been mentioned a few times on Twitter. I can’t stand goalie rumors, so that’s that.

Regarding Theodore not being re-signed by the Caps. No matter what you read about Washington’s faith in a Neuvy/Varly tandem, expect them to sign a veteran backup that can provides some stability. Neuvy is a streaky AHL stud and Varly is an inconsistent young star, so the two of them together would be very talented, but very volatile.

A ton of rumors swirling around today with various reports on Kaberle and whatnot. That’s not my thing, but talking with draft prospects certainly is. So I suggest taking a few minutes to li