June 25, 2010

Jeff Angus



The live chat is going swimmingly – Bugg is on, live from LA. Dobber, Angus, Ma and Goldman are on. As well as Russian expert Alessandro Seren Rosso and forum stalwarts Crazynuck, Doulos and Praba – and 200 other readers. Join the chat now! click here


Full fantasy breakdown on the Ballard deal (as well as any other deals made tonight) will be posted later on this evening (early in the morning for those of you out East).


Official: Keith Ballard to Vancouver for Steve Bernier and the 25th overall draft pick. Edit: Grabner and a Florida player involved as well.


Ok… got the DobberHockey chat figured out! Link to that is here.


Check the chat out! Matt Bugg is posting live from the draft in Los Angeles.


Rumor: the Canucks have acquired Keith Ballard. More coming… Sounds like the Canucks are sending back a roster player (not Raymond) and their 1st round pick.


I’ll be using the ramblings as a live blog during the first round.


Rumors: Wild/Bruins talking trade… Ballard for Mason Raymond and a pick…


Dan Hamhuis probably won’t be signing with the Flyers. He’ll get at least a dozen offers come July 1st, and his fantasy value is completely dependent on where he goes. With PP time, he could become a 35 or 40 point guy in the right situation (Los Angeles).


The Bruins have re-signed the ageless Mark Recchi to a one-year deal, worth about $1 million.


Sounds like the Canucks are closing in on Keith Ballard (the Ducks are also in the race as well). Terrific two-way defenseman who would see an increase in production with Vancouver. Pierre LeBrun reporting other Western teams are also in on him.


Angus here! I am back from Seattle, had to make an emergency pitstop at the Nike outlet store on the way back though. Didn’t miss too much, thanks to Dobber and Goldman for covering me a bit!



Dobber here. The poll opened up my eyes, thought I would comment. Kyle Beach? Great prospect, but time and again you are shown how the power forwards take awhile to develop. Even Bobby Ryan, who was “quick” developing, was 22. Beach will probably be on the team in 2011-12 or 2012-13. This trade doesn’t impact that one way or the other. It’s going to happen, and it won’t be rushed. I was shocked to see the poll results.

The Recchin’ Ball has signed on for another year with Boston. Atta’ Boy!

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Bugg’s first of hopefully many video blogs of his day in Los Angeles – below…


Once Pickard and Campbell are swiped up, watch for Mark Visentin, Cam Lanigan and Fredrik Pettersson-Wentzel to be chosen higher tha