July 07, 2010

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Brandon Yip has agreed to a 2-year, $1.45 million contract The Denver Post has learned. Look for a season in the 40-point range for the energy player.


Dmitry Chesnokov says that Nik Zherdev to the Flyers is a done deal. I’ll put up an analysis on that shortly.


Joe Corvo has signed a two-year deal with the Hurricanes. I’ll get on an analysis of that signing as well.


The Pens have signed d-man Andrew Hutchinson to a two-way deal. So if Letang, Goligoski and Martin all collide on the ice and break their legs, Hutchinson should then be on your fantasy radar.


Call the Evgeni Nabokov signing in the KHL official. We’ve seen the last of him in the NHL. Too many decent goalies and not enough starting jobs, so the fading star goalies overrate their market value and then miss out. I’m sure there were several million bucks out there for him in Philadelphia or San Jose, but he wanted more. So those keeper league owners who have Nabokov, you just lost your top goaltender for nothing.


Jeff Schultz has signed a four-year deal with the Caps for $11 million.


Patrick Eaves has signed for one year with Detroit for $750,000. I see this and I think “man, did Nashville ever get a deal with Sergei Kostitsyn at $525,000”. Eaves gets hurt for 25 games, scratched for five games, and teases with his potential for the other 50.


Rumors I’m seeing in Twitterland – Kovalchuk is back talking to the Kings (he went back to them, according to Pierre Lebrun), Nik Zherdev will sign with the Flyers, and Evgeni Nabokov has signed a four-year deal with SKA in the KHL.


The Sabres have signed Rob Niedermayer to a one-year deal.


My THN article yesterday on five UFA signings that I like and will be watching.


To answer a couple of comments below – I don’t believe that Brian Burke is at all interested in Nikita Filatov. Burke is trying to get bigger and grittier, and Filatov is the opposite of that. As for Sergei Kostitsyn vs. Patrick O’Sullivan – I think that is a move that you could make and would not be unreasonable. I, however, wouldn’t do that. I think that at worst O’Sullivan will get 40 points somewhere. At best, he’ll get 65 or more if he signs with Pittsburgh and flourishes. In Nashville, SK has no such upside. And the Preds have no top six. They have a top nine that they juggle around all season long. So SK will get 45 to 55 points, right in that range. If Trotz ever took them off the leash, there are a few Preds who could really post big numbers, but he never seems to want to.


The Panthers have signed Nathan Paetsch to a one-year deal and I think he may actually see some ice this time. Paetsch has been a disappointment for three  years now, but has a bit of upside.


Ben Walter has signed with the Avalanche (cough cough – minors)


It was nice of Ilya Kovalchuk to delay his signing another day. Man, I was weak as a kitten all day Tuesday, hiding under a blanket shivering. Thus, the lack of updates in the afternoon. The fever broke Tuesday night so we’re back in business. But I was a write-off, I slept 24 of the last 36 hours!


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