Angus Audits Your Team: The Penguins

Jeff Angus



DobberHockey reader Justin sent me his team to be audited. Upon first glance, I wondered why he was asking about the likes of Nigel Williams and Keith Aucoin, until I saw the size of rosters in this league (60). I find a bench of five or six is more than sufficient, so needless to say this was an interesting audit to conduct.


The League

Puck Stoppers


The Team

Pittsburgh Penguins


The Rules

12 Team H2H Keeper League


Floating salary cap ($15 million above the actual NHL salary cap)


Pro, farm, and prospect rosters


Prospects have to be move d to the farm after two years


Pro team consists of 25 players (2C, 2 LW, 2 RW, 6 F, 6 D, 2 G 5 Bench)


Farm team consists of 35 players


Prospect team has no limit, but after two years they must either be moved up or they are lost


The Roster


E. Staal, M. Koivu
Hall, Booth
Franzen, Mueller
Briere, Fleischmann, Little
Raymond, Kariya, O’Sullivan
Green, Jovanovski, Enstrom, Burns
Goligoski, Quincey
Chris Mason, Anderson
J.Bernier, Ott, Jussi Jokinen, Cal O’Re