July 18, 2010

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The Edmonton Sun reports that the Leafs will not be signing Bill Sweatt. Full story here, but essentially they have 48 contracts (with the recent Marcel Mueller signing) and the CBA allows 50. They don’t want to close the doors on any trades/UFA’s to come. Hat tip to kbooks in the forum.


The Post-Gazette is reporting that Eric Tangradi is impressing in rookie camp for the Pens. He has the inside track on a top six job, it really is his to lose. But I prefer Dustin Jeffrey, who has shown more over the past year than anyone, however he lacks the pedigree of a second-rounder and thus has to show a little more. That said, Tangradi gets hurt while Jeffrey tends to not. The P-G also reports that Keven Veilleux has really impressed. He’s 6-5 and the Pens would love for him to make it. But his fragility is worse than any prospect I’ve ever known, so I’m staying away from him.


Atlanta re-signed Anthony Stewart, whose career has fallen somewhat short of what brother Chris has done.


Phoenix has signed Adrian Aucoin to a two-year contract. He’s doing his best Chelios impression – he just doesn’t want to quit. He just turned 37 and he joins Jovanovski, Morris, Yandle and Lepisto, giving them five NHLer’s, and leaving two spots open. If Kurt Sauer returns (doubtful), that will take one spot. Oliver Ekman-Larsson will win one, and Maxim Goncharov could win the other. It sure muddies the waters for those owners who own those prospects.


The Kings have re-signed Brad Richardson, Trevor Lewis, Richard Clune, MA Cliche and Corey Elkins.


Barry Tallackson has signed to play in Germany next year.


Josh Hennessy has signed to play in the Swiss League next season.

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Brian Salcido has signed to play in the Czech League next year.


This was reported in the forum earlier in the week, but Edmonton prospect Toni Rajala, who played junior hockey this past season, will play back in Finland next year.


I opened up a thread in “Dobber’s Take” in the forum yesterday for questions. I’ll still be working through them today, although I probably will be lucky to get through all the ones that are currently there. I think yesterday I tackled about 45 questions, and there are still a good 45 left in there. Over 8700 views on that thread, which could be a record for a thread (that isn’t running a fantasy draft or game). The dog days of summer, eh? Dying for our hockey fix.


Spector has an interesting take on rumors that the NHL will try and move the salary cap down in the next CBA, you can read about it here.