July 20, 2010

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NHL GM’s remind me of little children in the manner in which they push things a little bit more each time. “Don’t do that Billy. Don’t touch!” And then Billy slowly reaches out with his finger and ‘almost’ touches it. Then he sees you don’t object, so he just lightly touches. Then, still no reaction, so he pokes his finger at it over and over, smiling like an idiot. You still don’t react, so Billy puts his entire hand on it. Then both hands. Then he’s rocking it back and forth, laughing like a goof. The NHL GM’s, after the DiPietro deal, saw the uproar as a result of that contract. That was their “don’t touch that” moment. Then a GM touches it with the Henrik Zetterberg contract. The league does nothing, so then another GM starts poking at it (Marian Hossa contract). Still no reaction so another GM puts his hand on it (Roberto Luongo). Again, nothing from the NHL so yesterday Lou Lamoriello starts rocking it with a 17-year deal. Again nothing from the NHL. He knew if he pushed it to 18 years, he might get a spanking. So he kept it at 17 years. Next time, however, a GM will try 18. Then 20, laughing like idiots before finally a new CBA is negotiated. During negotiation however, those same children will throw temper tantrums that the players allowed such contracts and they will insist on capping contract lengths at five, six or seven years. The GM’s shouldn’t need rules to stop them from finding loopholes, they should excercise more caution on their own.


There is a clause in the current CBA that allows the NHL to step in on contracts if the spirit of the CBA is breached. So they would be well within their rights to void the contract and say that they are pretty certain Kovalchuk will not be playing for half a million bucks when he’s 44 years old.


Chicago GM Stan Bowman told Patrick Sharp, according to the Tribune, that he can relax and that he’s not going anywhere. Trading Sharp is the easy way out of their cap jam, but I guess they could move Brent Seabrook and get the same result. Or they could move Brian Campbell and solve everything, but who wants a $7 million contract that lasts until 2016? It’s untradeable, so I don’t know how they can swing it.


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The Canes have signed Riley Nash to an ELC. He had a strong development camp. He’ll get a long look in the fall, but I think Zach Boychuk has one spot and I have Jonathan Matsumoto as the fourth-line center. I also see a full NHL season on the wing from Jiri Tlusty, and I think Zac Dalpe is incredibly close to being NHL ready and is poised to not only make the jump, but to surprise. I have Dalpe pencilled in for half a season. Given all that youth and inexperience, would the ‘Canes add Nash as well? I have my doubts. I think Nash and Drayson Bowman make the jump a year from now.