July 26, 2010

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Goldie here – School of Block should be up shortly w/ Top-10 Goalies for one year leagues. Also I’m going out on a limb with a prophecy – Rick Wamsley for new Senators goalie coach. Why? He’s worked with Pascal Leclaire before. Either him or Clint Malarchuk. Just a hunch on my behalf….ahh, the dog days of summer.


As expected, the NHLPA has filed a grievance about the Ilya Kovalchuk contract rejection by the NHL.


Mason Raymoned has signed a two-year deal with the Canucks for $5.1 million. The deal was struck mere minutes before his arbitration hearing.


Newsday is reporting that Frolov is considering a four-year offer from the KHL vs. a two-year offer from the Rangers (for less annual dollars, too).


As fzusher correctly pointed out, and my source has now corrected – it was not Jordan Hendry, Chicago, who signed in the KHL. It was Jordan Henry, Florida, who signed. I could make a joke about “No D” and the missing letter in one of the names…but I’m too tired to come up with one.


Just some small news from yesterday. Tampa Bay signed Chris Durno to a two-way deal, Chicago rearguard Jordan Hendry has signed with a KHL club, and Juraj Mikus – the Los Angeles forward prospect – has also signed in the KHL.


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So in reviewing the Blues for the fantasy guide (out this coming Sunday), I wanted to see why the Forecaster had Andy McDonald as a winger. It turns out that he was fifth on the team in faceoffs taken behind Berglund, Backes and McClement (Tkachuk was the other one). Boyes was sixth and Oshie was seventh. The most common line combos in the final 10 games:

Kariya – Backes – Oshie
McDonald – Berglund – Perron
Steen – McClement – Crombeen
Kariya – Backes – Boyes

Not conclusive that McDonald will be a full-time winger, but he definitely won’t be a full-time center. I’d say he’s 65-35 wing-center in the season ahead. Just thought I’d share my research. I have the new lines to start the year as Backes, with McDonald and Oshie; Berglund, with Boyes and Steen; Sobotka, with Perron and… but I’m giving away too much of the Guide, aren’t I?


Tomas Kaberle’s no-trade clause will be back in effect August 15. Will Burke trade him by then? He’s just stubborn enough not to. He has a price in mind and will walk away from anything less, even if it means getting less or nothing at all down the road. In the long run, over the course of many transactions, playing hardball like this pays off. Though each individual transaction may not.


If Mason Raymond gets $2.8 million in his arbitration case, it will push the Canucks’ payroll to $4 million over the cap. Sami Salo going on the long-term injury list ($3.5 million) will ease any pressure to trade, but a move will still be forthcoming. Bieksa is the favorite name being batted around.