DobberHockey’s 2010-11 Pool Guide

Jeff Angus




The 2010-11 DobberHockey Pool Guide has been updated as of September 4th, and it will continue to be updated into October. Kovalchuk signing, Torres signing, MacArthur signing, Kennedy signing, we got it all! The beauty of our guide is the ability to update as trades/signings occur throughout the off-season.


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The DobberHockey crew of writers brings you unique insights that you won’t find anywhere else on the net. Our resident goalie superexpert (he is way more than just an expert), Justin Goldman, was ON FIRE last year. Check out some of his “Goalies to Watch” from last summer:


Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles

He is poised to be L.A.’s starting goalie as training camp approaches. As you will learn from the School of Block over the next few months, the Olympics will have a direct impact on a goalie’s play. And since Quick is vying for a spot on Team USA, he will be playing April hockey in November. That sets him on the breakout path.


Jaroslav Halak, Montreal


Again, the Olympics will be nothing but a boost for the Slovak goalie. Although he has little competition from Budaj, Halak will have plenty to prove from the moment the puck drops. He has much more poise and consistency than the wobbly Carey Price, so all he needs is a string of starts to set the league on fire.


Craig Anderson, Colorado


Anderson was able to steal a lot of playing time from Tomas Vokoun last year and did an amazing job in games
where he faced 35-plus shots. Peter Budaj single-handedly lost a lot of one-goal games last year, so if the Avs had Anderson last year, he would have been very close to 30 wins. What makes you think he can’t win close to 30 this year? Of all the goalies moved during the free agent frenzy, Anderson is the one to watch the closest.


Tuukka Rask, Boston


Similar to Pavelec, Rask’s breakout potential depends on a lucky break: i.e. Timmy’s health. As Tim Thomas’ backup, Rask is just one serious injury away from taking over the Bruins crease.


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