September 08, 2010

Dobber Sports



Another deadline has passed – no new shop. I apologize to those who are waiting. All I can say is they’re working around the clock. I’ll have a new ETA/hope in the morning.


Kyle Wellwood has accepted a tryout invitation from the Coyotes and is now skating with the team. Something could come of this, but it would be more of what you saw in Vancouver – modest production with short streaky spurts.


New shop launch ETA is now 10pm ET…I’ll announce here when it’s a go (and again here, if we have to make it a ‘stop’)


So is it luck or stupidity that caused James Sheppard to be injured in an ATV accident that will see him miss half of the regular season? Probably a bit of both, but we don’t really know how reckless he was being. He needed a rebound season more than most in this league, and now he won’t get one. Chances are, he won’t get a contract next summer and will be one of those guys floating around waiting for training camp invites like Dan Fritsche or Jonathan Cheechoo.


Still on schedule to launch the new DobberHockey shop at noon today (that’s I.T. time, which those of you in an office know, is never accurate). But we are still on schedule. You can buy the Fantasy Guide here under the current system (i.e. through Paypal) or wait until this afternoon and buy it in-house.


According to Chris Botta, Richard Park has signed to play in the Swiss League.


The Habs have signed Jeff Halpern to a contract. He hurts the odds of some of the less-than-ready prospects making the team, such as Avtsin or Palushaj or Pacioretty. But otherwise the signing has no fantasy impact.


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In continuing with the Fantasy Draft prep series on Puck Daddy (I kicked it off Monday here), friend of DobberHockey Gus Katsaros gives his two cents here.


Hey, did you see the DobberHockey full page ad in the McKeen’s Fantasy Guide? What do you think?


Here is Nashville’s rookie camp roster. I think I have a grasp on where all of these players sit with the team and their odds of making the team, with the exception of Linus Klasen. So it will be his performance I will be monitoring the most.


Dion Phaneuf told the Hockey News in an interview that the Leafs are a playoff team. I have them finishing ninth, just a few points out as they surprise us all. But then again, I predicted last year that they would not finish lower than 24th. No way they get lower than that. But…


Pittsburgh’s prospect camp opens Friday. You can check out the roster here. I’d like to see if Jeffrey ca